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Chronic disease and weight management plans

The Digital Wellness team of health care specialists ensure that your members are supplied with powerful behavior change online tools and programs for weight loss and associated chronic disease prevention.

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Reduce weight, reduce claims

There are only two effective solutions for reducing the financial burden of chronic disease and lifestyle-driven health claims: prevention and slowing progression of disease.

The best way to implement preventive measures is to offer your members access to the scientifically proven Digital Wellness suite of online tools and programs for behavioral change.

Digital Wellness offers a chronic disease management program (CDMP) that empowers members to implement online weight management and behavior change solutions.

We offer a complete suite of lifestyle programs delivered by healthcare specialists to help improve chronic conditions such as joint pain, high cholesterol, type 2 diabetes and high blood pressure.

The result? A reduction in hospitalizations and complex claims.

Our plans are versatile and innovative

Digital Wellness offers evidence-based programs that helps patients manage their chronic disease by combining nutritional science, modern behaviour change theory and artificial intelligence with the latest digital technology.

Our plans can be tailored to support those with chronic diseases or can serve as the backbone of a general wellbeing program.

The plan can be tailored to include:

  • 12 – 52 weeks online programs
  • Targeted messaging to members
  • Evaluation solutions
  • Biometric tracking tools
  • Educational content to assist with behaviour change
  • Extensive reporting dashboards, including predictive churn analysis

7 - 9%

blood pressure improvement^


cholesterol improvement^


reduction in pressure on joints*


blood glucose improvement*

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