Support patients beyond their medication

At Digital Wellness, we understand the importance of a strong patient support program and the effort it takes to empower patients on their health journeys.

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Enjoy a competitive advantage

The pharmaceutical landscape is competitive and is an ongoing challenge. By coupling a clinical prescription with our plan, your company can become a leader by providing a solution that supports patients beyond their medication.

Our plans are proactive and effective

Today's medications can alleviate and sometimes even solve a host of chronic conditions. However, there are situations where the effect of medications can be supplemented and even enhanced by positive lifestyle and diet changes.

That's where Digital Wellness programs can be an invaluable aid for supporting patients and improving outcomes.

This renowned and proven online plan offers:

  • An accredited Patient Management System
  • Patient onboarding
  • Account management with reporting
  • Access to the medically-backed Mayo Clinic Diet
  • Option for clinical support
  • Completion assessment report

Our Solution

The evidence-based Digital Wellness programs help members manage their chronic disease by combining nutritional science, modern behavior change theory and artificial intelligence with the latest digital technology.

Our programs can be tailored to support those with chronic diseases or can serve as the backbone of a general wellbeing program.

The plan can be tailored to include:

  • 12-52 week online programs
  • Optional 1:1 clinical services
  • Biometric tracking tools
  • Educational content to assist with behavior change
  • Extensive reporting dashboards, including predictive churn analysis

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