Research Centers

Working together for a healthier community

Obesity is a major expenditure to governments and health systems around the world and we want to do our part - both for members of the community and for departments struggling with increasing health budgets.

Digital Wellness works closely with research centers to raise awareness of the importance of nutrition and weight management through easy-to-use population health tools.

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Corporate health and wellbeing

Comprehensive health and wellbeing programs

Our corporate programs improve staff participation, boost staff engagement, and deliver health and wellbeing benefits that help reduce absenteeism and improve the workplace environment.

In fact, our research reveals that two out of three members report a 63% boost in energy and see improvement in a range of health conditions by losing just 5% of their body weight.

It's real change you can count on. Here are solutions partners can expect:

  • Access to the Mayo Clinic Diet 
  • Option for 1:1 clinical services
  • Program completion reporting

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