Helping more people live happier, healthier lives with Salesforce

Watch our Salesforce mini video series below to hear from our team on how integrating Salesforce into our business is helping us to empower the wellness revolution and tackle the problem of obesity and the impact it has on individuals and healthcare systems.

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Episode 1: A quick chat with CEO and Founder, Scott Penn.

Scott Penn, Chief Executive Officer and Founder of Digital Wellness, started his wellbeing journey as an overweight teenager. Scott knew firsthand what it was like to not feel great about his health and weight, which is why he loves that Digital Wellness helps so many people to lead healthier lives.

Episode 2: 360 marketing with Head of Marketing, Tracey Cornwel-Smith.

Tracey Cornwel-Smith, Head of Marketing at Digital Wellness, understands the weight loss market inside out, and, after years of using multi marketing systems, decided to streamline the marketing process by consolidating all the systems with Salesforce. Take a look at how this has improved engagement and acquisition strategies.

Episode 3: Member experience with Member Success Manager, Sean Edwards.

Sean Edwards is our Member Success Manager, and his job is to deliver the best possible service and experience to members. Day to day his role involves working with a vast amount of health and customer experience data which we then use to shape the member experience. Capturing this data “really helps us to identify where there might be gaps or ways to improve… we can take this data and turn it into actionable insights that improve customer experience.”

Episode 4: Real success with Total Wellbeing Lifestyle Plan Member, Terry Monro.

Terry Munro is one inspirational guy. He used our CSIRO Total Wellbeing Diet to lose over 100 kilos and found the experience “life-changing.” Terry, who has maintained his healthy weight for over 2 years, says the way our Total Wellbeing Lifestyle Plan and CSIRO Total Wellbeing Diet supports behaviour change was critical to his success. “The way that supports works for the Digital Wellness program is fantastic... you meet regularly with your dietitian and also a registered nurse. If you miss any of those scheduled appointments, they reach out to you… It gives you a health and wellness partner.”

Episode 5: 15 years of experience with CEO, Scott Penn and Head of Health Coaching, Pennie McCoy.

15 years of experience has allowed our Member Engagement team at Digital Wellness to develop communications that are tailored to each individual member. Pennie McCoy, Head of Health Coaching, says "We have a great digital platform that helps members and patients make those changes to nutrition, exercise, and positive psychology through a suite of tools at their fingertips. That’s the key to sustainable change.”

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