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Digital Wellness is dedicated to delivering the world's leading online weight management platforms based on the latest science and research. 

Our platforms are regularly reviewed and updated through our extensive relationships with CSIRO, Mayo Clinic and the University of Newcastle. 

Journal of Medical Internet Research: Weight Loss and Usage of an Online Commercial Weight Loss Program

June 2021

A comprehensive evaluation of the CSIRO Total Wellbeing Diet, published in Journal of Medical Internet Research, showed the diet is effective for weight loss, particularly for members who finished the program and were active in using the platform and tools provided.

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Digital Wellness & CBHS Annual Report Results

August 2020

Showed that members who completed the 24-week Total Wellbeing Lifestyle Plan lost an average of 6.8% of their body weight.

New Fast Start Program curbs cravings and boosts weight loss

January 2023

CSIRO Total Wellbeing Diet has launched a new diet plan that will help Australians start healthy weight loss in 2023 by tackling one of the biggest obstacles to successful dieting: cravings.

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Mind over matter? Not when it comes to weight loss

September 2022

A new CSIRO study of 11,000 CSIRO Total Wellbeing Diet members found the strongest predictor of weight loss was engagement with the right digital support tools, rather than being in the right mindset, when starting a diet.

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Do financial rewards lead to greater weight loss? A secondary analysis

March 2022

An analysis of over 48,000 CSIRO Total Wellbeing Diet members that sheds light on how the refund incentive affects weight loss outcomes.

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CSIRO brings new "Hope" to weight loss

January 2022

Hope is an AI weight loss coach developed to help members of the CSIRO Total Wellbeing Diet lose more weight. The innovation is shaped by over 100 million data points from the CSIRO Total Wellbeing Diet digital platform. 

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Study reveals why personality matters for weight loss

August 2021

CSIRO studied over 245,000 people to understand the unique behavioural and emotional characteristics that can impact weight loss.

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Scientists combat Australia's #1 diet issue: junk food

April 2021

Our research finds that junk food makes up a large portion of the Aussie diet.

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Start strong for effective weight loss

September 2020

Research from CSIRO reveals the characteristics associated with greater weight loss success.


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One of the world's largest weight loss study reports

January 2020

Preliminary findings from our 5-year study revealed the key to three times more weight loss. 

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Research reveals health is #1 for weight loss

August 2019

New research from CSIRO shows health conditions top the reasons for losing weight in an analysis of 65,000 dieters. A follow-up survey of 3000 members suggests weight loss is the best medicine for a range of chronic health conditions.

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Gut Health and Weight Loss

January 2019

An overview of the scientific evidence of dietary fibre for weight loss

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Refunded vs Non-refunded findings

August 2018

Do financial incentives improve weight loss results? Our analysis of over 13,000 members of the CSIRO Total Wellbeing Diet suggests they do.

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VegEze Impact Report

June 2018

How a mobile app can boost vegetable intake in those that need it most. 

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Protein Balance

January 2018

New concepts for protein in weight management. 

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CSIRO Diet Types Report

September 2017

An exploration of the personality traits of over 90,000 Australians and how these relate to diet habits

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CSIRO Fruit, Vegetables and Diet Score

April 2017

A deep dive into the self-reported fruit, vegetable and juice consumption of 145,000 Australian adults. With Horticulture Innovation Australia. 

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CSIRO Healthy Diet Score

September 2016

Australia's largest ever diet survey confirms we're not as healthy as we think we are

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We never settle when it comes to health

Randomised Controlled Trial

A gold standard randomised controlled trial to investigate the efficacy of Digital Wellness's online weight loss platform. Results at: 12-weeks, 24 weeks and 18 months.

Over 300 overweight or obese participants were recruited and randomised to one of three groups for the weight loss intervention: basic, enhanced or control.

After this phase, participants were re-randomised into one of two weight loss maintenance programs for a further 18 months.

This study was funded by the prestigious Australian Research Council Linkage Grant, with co-contributions from Digital Wellness. ARC Website.

Cohort Study

A cohort that tracked over 11,000 real world participants of the Digital Wellness - Biggest Loser Club program, conducted to establish the value of the program as a treatment option for overweight and obese adults.

Challenge Cohort Study

A medium cohort of 1334 real world participants tracked over 8 weeks to compare weight loss, and other outcomes, from a fast tracked and celebrity endorsed 8-week challenge group to the standard program.

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