Medical Weight Management Platforms

Scientifically-based accredited weight management programs

Digital Wellness’s core vision is to change people’s lives by making a positive impact on their health.

Digital Wellness strives to develop and implement weight management programs that are based on evidence, designed to generate the best outcomes and include services that enhance the patient experience and increase the level of support that results in increased success.

KPI Focus Areas

Patient Outcomes

Because if our patients recommend our programs, we know that we are doing the right thing

Patient Satisfaction

Because we are not successful unless we have made a positive impact on our patients

Financial Metrics

Because we want to continue to help

and improve patients health

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An Accredited Management System

Digital Wellness's Weight Management Systems are accredited by Sai Global Assurance as they comply with the requirements of National Safety and Quality Health Service Standards Second Edition for the scope of health services through the online platform including nutritional and exercise coaching and initial health assessments by a registered nurse. February 4 2020.

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