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Digital Wellness is dedicated to delivering the world’s digital weight management solutions using the latest scientific knowledge and research.

To our knowledge, we have published more research on online weight loss than any other Health & Wellness company worldwide, including 17 papers in peer-reviewed journals. Our research includes large cohort studies, randomized control trials and impact studies in real-world settings.

Evidence-based approach

Digital Wellness has collaborated with some of the world’s best research institutes including Mayo Clinic, CSIRO, the University of Newcastle and Hort Innovation.


Research findings are integrated into our platform and products to ensure consumers are receiving the best evidence-based solutions for weight loss and healthy living. Several of our papers have been widely cited by researchers wanting to solve the global obesity epidemic.


Our randomized controlled trials and cohort studies were designed to:


  • understand the efficacy of our digital weight loss solutions

  • investigate novel features that can enhance weight loss or weight maintenance

  • measure the impact of weight loss incentives such as financial rewards

  • assess the acceptance of novel technologies such as apps and video conferences with a dietitian

Major Studies


Our Reports

Together with the CSIRO, we have published many easy-to-read scientific reports on our digital weight loss and wellness products

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