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Digital Wellness is dedicated to delivering the world’s leading online weight management platforms based on the latest science and research.

Our platforms are regularly reviewed and updated through our extensive relationships with CSIRO, Mayo Clinic and the University of Newcastle.

Work with us

Proven results

All research is aimed at ensuring that consumers are empowered with the best evidence-based weight loss solution in the market.

We have conducted randomised controlled trials, cohort studies and pilot studies to:

  • Improve weight loss and health outcomes
  • Understand the efficacy and engagement of our online platforms
  • Investigate novel features that can enhance our platforms
  • Fine tune effective weight loss incentives

One of the worlds largest
weight loss study findings

Dr G Hendrie, Dr D Baird & Dr G Williams

One of the world's largest weight loss studies reveals the key to three times more weight loss. Evaluation of the CSIRO Total Wellbeing Diet Online: Highlight’s report.

Understanding the reach, effectiveness and predictors of weight loss using 5 years of member data.

CBHS annual report results

Research done with a health fund called CBHS. The findings shows the members completing the 24-week Total Wellbeing Lifestyle Plan achieved significant improvements in health markers related to chronic disease.

Statistics show that members who completed the 24-week Total Wellbeing Lifestyle Plan lost an average of 6.8% of their body weight, with average improvements across all programs:

7 - 9%

blood pressure improvement


cholesterol improvement


reduction in pressure on joints


blood glucose improvement

Our reports

Together with the CSIRO, we have worked together on many scientific reports on our digital weight loss solution known as CSIRO Total Wellbeing Diet:

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