VegEze is a 21-day challenge that encourages you to eat 3 or more veggies at dinner time with awards and motivation along the way. It helps you track your vegetable intake and create healthy eating habits. 

VegEze increases veggie intake

The initial findings from the first trial with 4,000 Australia found that VegEze is helping people increase their veggie intake.


Men in particular have made strides in their healthy eating by using VegEze and the average male increased their veggie intake with three quarters of a serve per day.


By including more veggies in your diet you can reduce your risk of health conditions like cancer, diabetes and heart disease.

21-day challenge

Simple veggie tracker

Rewards and reminders to help you stay motivated

Plenty of veggie-packed recipes

Fun facts, tips and tricks and more about vegetables

Take the 21 day challenge and download the FREE app today, and be rewarded for eating more veggies.

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