High Cholesterol

Your guide to losing weight when you have high cholesterol

Around  33 per cent of Australians are diagnosed with high cholesterol, raising the risk of health conditions for heart disease. Clinical guidelines internationally recommend lifestyle change are the first line of defence to manage blood cholesterol levels.


Digital Wellness provides the Total Wellbeing Diet Special Edition which provides targeted information on lifestyle changes to reduce LDL cholesterol, and increase HDL cholesterol through both diets, exercise and body weight changes.

The TWD provides a high protein, moderate carbohydrate diet built around a wide variety of healthy foods. The exercise programs are targeted to various fitness levels and offer a variety of cardio and resistance options. The program provides practical education on ways to reduce cholesterol levels through diet changes for example swap out discretionary, or indulgence, foods which are often high in saturated and trans fats for healthier alternatives, as well as increasing vegetables, fruits and whole grains.

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