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Digital Wellness is committed to developing scientifically based online weight management tools. They provide consumers insights into their lifestyle behaviours, the impact on their health, and deliver relevant weight loss data to assist with change. 


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Through our weight management tools, we can assist with capturing real data and generating insights. We create from concept to launch, marketing and reporting 
world-leading tools. Contact us for further information 

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Our Reports

From our research, we have published many reports. 


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Refunded vs
Non-refunded Findings

The aim of these findings was to examine the impact of a financial incentive on refunded vs non-refunded members  who had completed at least 12 weeks on the Total Wellbeing Diet Online program


- August 2018

Gut Health and Weight Loss

An overview of the scientific evidence of dietary fibre for weight loss


- January 2019


VegEze Impact Report

How a mobile app is boosting vegetable intake in those that need it most


- June 2018


Protein Balance

New concepts for protein in weight management


- January  2018


CSIRO Diet Types

An exploration of the personality traits of over 90,000 Australians


- September 2017

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Fruit, Vegetables and
Diet Score

A deep dive into the self-reported fruit, vegetable and juice consumption of 145,000 Australian adults. In partnership with Horticulture Innovation Australia.


- April 2017

Total Wellbeing Diet Online Program 1 Completer's Weight Loss 

A scientific study of 5,594 members who have completed Program 1 of the CSIRO Total Wellbeing Diet.


- June 2017


CSIRO Healthy Diet Score

Australia's largest ever diet survey confirms we're not as healthy as we think we are


- September 2016


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