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Healthy people are happy people

Our Corporate Wellness program helps staff become healthier and happier people. This is one more example of how we are empowering the Digital Wellness revolution.

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The workplace is changing—especially in the wake of COVID-19. Employees are demanding more from employers when it comes to work health, safety policies and benefits.

The CSIRO Total Wellbeing Diet online program answers these demands and more.

This comprehensive program improves:

staff participation, boosts staff engagement, and achieves overall health and wellbeing benefits that help reduce absenteeism and improves the workplace environment.

In fact, our research reveals that two out of three members report a 63% boost in energy and see improvement in a range of health conditions by losing just 5% of their body weight.

It's real change you can count on. Here are solutions our corporate partners can expect:

  • Access to the CSIRO Total Wellbeing Diet 12-Week Online Program
  • Access to the 4-Week Healthy Boost Program
  • Program completion reporting
  • Telehealth dietitian support

Our corporate wellness program has achieved impressive results:


Participation rate (percentage of people who completed Set Up)


rates of intention and commitment


regularly tracked their diet, exercise, and weight

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